Portamento effect

Thanks Satobox, thats quite a good description of how it is set up :)

I have also made a template instrument that makes setting up a new instrument a lot easier.

You can get it here: Dropbox - Portamento Template.xrni - Simplify your life

All you need to do is load the instrument and then drop your samples into it. Then for every sample you will need to make sure ‘Key->Pitch’ is turned off and it’s modulation is set to ‘01-Portamento’

Yeah, would be nice but it’s not possible with the current Renoise instruments, this technique is a bit of a hack as it uses the unofficial formula device.
Maybe we will see native portamento and legato modes in future.

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Haha, after all this template is far comfortable. Thanks a lot!! :yeah:


Hmm, I noticed a tiny (but quite mysterious) thing.
When I’m using your template.xrni file above, I notice that the tuning slips off as it goes away from the base note. It’s quite tiny (about 10cent per 1 octave) though.

And strangely, another template file which is edited by me has perfect tuning. But actually it’s also based on your “portamento doofer”. And I’ve double checked both files are the same settings completely.

Do you know what is different between these files??
Personally, I guess that taktik had changed something internally between beta and final, maybe I’m wrong though…

[Portamento Template (contributed by afta8)](http://reg.s63.xrea.com/gomi/Portamento Template (contributed by afta8).xrni)

[Portamento-Template (edited by satobox)](http://reg.s63.xrea.com/gomi/Portamento-Template (edited by satobox).xrni)

P.S. I’ve borrowed and introduced your Portamento-Template file in the Japanese manual. Thanks so much. B)

Hey Satobox,

I must admit this has me completely baffled!

I can’t tell what the difference is between the files but I get the same results. The template I submitted drifts out of tune but the one you have provided stays perfectly in tune at all octaves.
I can’t tell why as all the settings look the same.
What is weird is that when I try to rebuild the instrument template from scratch it still drifts out of tune, I’m sure it wasn’t always like that.

I will look into this a bit more when I have more time, maybe it is a bug, I’m not sure, its quite confusing.

Anyway for now, I have updated my template so that it is based on yours so at least we have one that works properly, even though I don’t know why!

Also its super cool that you are featuring it in the Japanese manual, nice one!

Ahhh, I found the secret behind taktik’s magic.
I opened the xrni and see the Instrment.xml, and found; 59.5

But I never input such value manually, simply I clicked the arrow icon to set “60”.
So I tested carefully and noticed that actually the value “60” is shown 2 times,
i.e. 58 > 59 > 60 > 60 > 61 > 62…
and the 1st 60 is actually “59.5”.
Also, you can input “59.5” manually if you double click the value box.

Now I can understand taktik’s intention. ;)

Hidden decimals… i think it is better that they simply show in their full glory in all of these cases because the rounded visuals aren’t really helpful this way.

Yes, the example is a right step in the direction as well, cheers! I’ll keep an eye peeled on this thread seeing in how things will develop in this area :)

Ah yes, I get it now, the Keytracker device in the doofer works on a range of 119 notes, therefore the pitch modulation range needs to be 59.5 for it to keep in tune.
Thanks for solving it

What advantages does this method have over just using a glide command in an instrument’s phrase?

Realtime tweaking of the glide time is the main benefit IMO

It’s linear time as opposed to linear speed. Linear time, since it will always take the same amount of time to go from A to B. It’s very nice to have both options!

I can dig that.

Could someone be so nice to reup this?

Could someone be so nice to reup this?

See the first post for a fresh link…

I should really put this in the downloads section but where does it belong? Instruments or Doofers?

Thanks. Where did the Formula device come from? I can’t find it anywhere in my DSP folder…

I can’t find it anywhere in my DSP folder…

It’s hidden cos it breaks all the computers*


This thread’s more than a year old, but just wanted to say that the porto template has been incredibly useful since I found it, so “thanks!!” to the originators. Just what I needed to make some string samples sound just right.

digging this up in the hope someone still has this template - been missing something like this for years! anyone able to provide a link?

See afta8’s post above.