Portamento Slider Next To Pitch Env

Everybody is missing this: instruments that take a few ms to adjust, to get to the next new pitch/tone from the previous. That’s different from a normal pitch envelope… couldn’t it be made really easily? As to the interface part of implementation I have few ideas, could just be a slider like the ‘release’ slider and an on/off switch. It’s just missing and there’s already a pitch env built-in so it should be very easy no?? :)

bump for +1

would love to see this!

One more thing that has got to do with this a little bit, I would like a little control over how the keyboard scales over sample pitch. The default should of course always stay the default like it is, but it would be cool to have a KB>pitch ‘slider’ like you see in some devices in other programs, ranging from ‘no pitch change’ (with manual pitch adjustment via transpose and finetune) to the default ‘semitone’ or maybe even ‘sharper’.

+1 Everything that makes native xrni instruments better will proudly receive my +1, and adding a kind of “glide” in it would ineed help a lot.

yup, and agree with kurts. mostly, let’s now include everything that makes a ‘proper’ (beyond tracker) sampler. a lot to ask. a proper sampler vst would cost way more than renoise. but, i’m all for asking for it. and even saying, “PLEASE!”

Oh I would help code this if I could! Different Glide env shapes and all :D.