Possibility Of Keybinding [expand/squeeze Selection]

hi! please could the expand/squeeze (or stretch/compress) in the pattern editor extras be key-bindable?
it is currently not possible to bind any keys to expand/squeeze, one has to click instead of being able to, well, do something thats quite simple to do and useful to have on the keyboard…

keybinding expand/squeeze in pattern extended parameters/commands, would be so nice. it was already in ft2, screamtracker,impulsetracker…
why not renoise too?

There is no keys for advanced edit panel. There just is not.

i dont understand this. i requested, that there be at least expand/shrink as keybindable in the advanced edit panel. you tell me “no. because there are no keys for advanced edit panels”.
this was a feature request, a simple addition of “expand/squeeze” to the keycommands so they could be keybindable.
sometimes i wonder… :panic:

It’s just that it has been discussed many times before that adv edit functions need hotkeys but nothing has been completed till this day.

well, that gives me hope that they will be implemented. even just expand/squeeze for now would be pure perfection. but i guess it requires some fiddling from the developers - and i guess they would want to do the whole extended pattern edit function menu instead of just two for now… isnt that how it kinda goes