Possibility to add keycommand?

Can I use ENTER to play a sample while focussed in the instrument box?

Hi there,

When I’m editting my field recordings I’m used to dragging the samples from a windows explorer window into the instrument box of Renoise.
What I would like to see is that I can click the ‘instrument’ (sample) I want to edit and play it by pressing enter.

Now, this can be done with the focus locked, but then I have to use the focus buttons or right click-delete to get rid of a sample.
With the focus unlocked I have perfect control over my instruments but pressing enter means going to the Sample Keyzone tab… why?!
I tried turning this off in the keys tab by clearing the command, even assigning it to another key but still, enter brings me automaticly to the Sample Keyzone tab. Is this a bug?

I also would like to know this (and similar focus-related circumstances)