Possibility to display Phrase Editor next to regular Editor

Phrases are great and have loads of potential, but I would find it much more productive if the phrase editor would not just be visible in the Instrument tab, but also in the side bar, so one can see both the regular editor and the phrase editor at the same time.

This way it would just be easier to select phrases or change things while working on the arrangement. I feel this would make things much easier and provide better oversight of the project.

Another helpful addition would be to give Phrases names in addition to their number. Also Phrases within Phrases within Phrases within… :slight_smile:

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You can detach the Instrument Editor to have the phrases alongside the Pattern Editor.

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I know, but it’s gone as soon as you click into the main window, so not really super useful. Just thought it would be nice to quickly switch phrases and manipulate them in a similiar way to changing or picking samples in the instrument selector side bar, with a phrase picker with numbers and names on top and the phrase editor in the box underneath one could quickly change phrases while renoise is playing the main arrangment or switch out parts etcs. Would be a blast for peforming live.

We can already see phrases in the instrument properties, but not duplicate them there or edit them.

Also drag and dropping a phrase number from the instrument selector onto a line in the editor would idealy generate a Zxx command with that phrase number.

Maybe what I want is unfolding Instrument properties is actually showing a sort of minified view of the sampler in general, it would also be nice to access other parameters in the side bar, I generally don’t like the window switching with trackers. Seeing everything on one screen is a bit what trackers are all about for me.


Having looked at some NerdSEQ Videos recently, it would also be nice if the Pattern Arranger could evolve so it will load and save pattern blocks and maybe could become a bit more table like without sacrificing simplicity, this would also be very useful to perform live.

Not really sure what you mean by this, the window stays where it is.

maybe it’s mac thing? once you click into the main editor again, the sampler window hides itself, would need a pin option to stay infront of the main editor window.