Possible Demosong


This link connects to a new wanna-be demosong… or maybe it WILL be a REAL demosong for 2.6. Yes, this was made with 2.6 beta 5. If the team likes it, they might make it a real demosong.
That’s what I hope for anyway. :wacko:

If it doesn’t become a demosong, it’ll be good to study. Maybe you can be awesome too :D

still no chance… got a yes and a no. cmon guys… vote!

I voted an option.

All I could hear was a bunch of noise really :panic: well,well !

not my cup of tea really

No, for couple of reasons.

First reason, demosong should use new features and show idiots like me how to use them properly in a song. Your tune isnt really doing that.

Second reason, size. Even if i compress your song its still almost 4MB, so its quite large when compared to whole renoise install package (22MB).

Third reason, demosongs in my opinion should be more mainstream. Experimental like your song does appeal to certain group, but there are far more people who doesnt understand it at all.

Also i dont think your song sucks ass, but i dont think its great either so i picked the suck ass option even thought its a bit too harsh.

Well, obvious more no’s that yays.
I agree with the size-argument Ravensqd gave… This type of song sounds like fit for a 4K demo-entry. The fact that it is a 1000 times larger in compressed mode takes away the last chance at wich the song could have an impressive mark.

impressive technics in there, love the pattern moving ;)

as a noob, my problem with demo songs is that i often dont know whats going on or maybe just get half of it.

id vote for extensive song comments explaing whats happening, or at least pointing out what`s special about the track and where to look ;)