Possible implementation of a PWM modulator?

It would be nice if you guys could add a mod tool that allows users to change the duty cycle of a waveform.

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you can do this natively with some limitations, main one being is it only really works in mono

Square PWM.xrni (9.3 KB)

  • load waveform
  • duplicate your waveform in the sampler
  • invert the polarity of the duplicate using the sample editor
  • assign each waveform to their own FX routing
  • FX2 needs something to modulate the phase. phaser seems the cleanest device but i can’t get 100% phase cancellation so if you need that you might have better results with the chorus
  • add LFOs and/or macros for extra control
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Just use a VSTi and get proper PWM?

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SImple Vsti
No oversampling

HY-POLY free
With oversampling

For a non realtime PWM modulation,use “customewave” renoise tool


now wheres the fun in that

obviously if you just want a squarewave synth its the better option by miles. but the hacky method lets you do stuff like custom waveforms or even use full samples


Surge has a lot more of possibilies and is free. Also cando wavetable, analog waveform emu, PWM and a lot of other stuff. You also can invert a second saw wave also here.

The Renoise sampler is not sample accurate and also tempo dependent, so you should not use shuffle or tempo changes if you try to use Renoise sampler for pseudo synthesis. I think until Renoise sampler does not get some fundamental base changes, it is not such a good option for making “professional” synthesiszed sounds (it also will alias due it’s always-grid-based envelopes). Of course it is a lot of fun due the nice workflow at some places in the instrument editor and feels nice to beat the system, doing a 64KB song size or so, I agree. But also Surge then can be even more fun.

Then there are a lot of other free synths, too, like teq mentioned above.

Using PWM modulation in a sampler is a non sense,from my point of view
Renoise sampler is not a synth
VSynths are specialized in some task,like PWM mod

Use a synth if you want to be consistent

Different strokes for different folks. I really enjoying doing things with equipment/software that isn’t designed to do it. You’ll find different things along the way. Happy accidents. But like you say, if you want it fast, easy and consistent…there are plenty of good (free) vsynths out there who can do the PWM job.