Possible To Assign Kb Shortcut To A User-Submitted Tool?

Is it possible to assign a KB shortcut to a user-submitted tool?

When I open EDIT>PREFERENCES>KEYS, only one (~note editor) of my five user-submitted tools is visible for shortcut assignment under TOOLS>GLOBAL.

A search in KEYS for “tool” shows some other default tools like Draw Tool, Line Tool, Find and Replace, and Toggle Slice Tool but none of my other user-submitted tools.


The tool developer can choose to add keyboard shortcuts into their tool, but it’s really up to them to take care of this.

If you’re comfortable editing Lua and you understand how the tool works internally, then you can of course hack in your own shortcuts. See the following documentation for more information: (search for: “add_keybinding”)

Else, you’ll have to ask the tool developer to add it for you.

Seems like it might make sense to allow shortcuts to map to an interface-less lua function, making lua into sortof a macro-programming language for renoise (except you could go way beyond macros into non-deterministic operations and song-state-dependent behavior…)

Be warned that the Tilde-esq symbol used to represent Tool shortcuts isn’t actually a Tilde (~).

The correct symbol has been posted somewhere and if copied into the Search box will show all Tool shortcuts that have been programmed into Scripts.

EDIT: Here’s the thread. How To Only Show Scripted Shortcuts In Prefs->Keys?