How To Only Show Scripted Shortcuts In Prefs->Keys?

Hi. I’ve tried to search for ~ or something, and have come up with no results. How do I search and display all the scripted shortcuts via PRefs->Keys, without being forced to flip between a browser showing an XML file, and Renoise to change the shortcuts accordingly, please?

extra bonus question: how do I open every single shortcut so that I can just see all of them instead of clicking around feeling like a fool?

Hi, i think, we need a new tool for this.

+1 for show only script shortcuts.

Paste this mysterious character in the search box


Is there a way to generate the mysterious sine using a normal keyboard, some kind of combo without having to copy/paste from this thread every time it is needed? :)

Okay. If Renoise was a Cocoa-related software, one could select the Prefs->Keys searchbox automatically, use AppleScript to paste this character in, and press enter.
Since not, I’ve tried to use 3rd party mouse movers + clickers with Renoise via AppleScript (to fully be able to move the mouse to a specific position on the Renoise screen and to then click in a place, after having input some keyboard shortcuts), but Renoise does not seem to like being told these kinds of external-to-Renoise mouse cursor placement changes and clicks. If there’s one 3rd party mouse-mover which Renoise is friendly with, and someone is familiar with one, please do let me know.

In theory I could build a simple “copy to clipboard” type Automator-script to copy this character to the clipboard and then paste it into Renoise. While Renoise has 4 clipboards, the 2.7 API does not allow for writing to the Clipboard - otherwise I’d be trying to use a Renoise shortcut or a GUI button to copy this character to the Clipboard and then go for it.

One does wonder, however, would the whole layout of Prefs->Keys break completely if it was actually added into the window as a button? :) The same is true for the Midi Mapping menu ;)

You know, I’m guessing that if we click on Print (and it opens in a browser that shows the XML-code, we could copy it from there. This’d be the kind of a solution appreciated by those who already have a browser open, but not necessarily those who would then wait for (the usually severely clunky) browser startup… :)

not nice but this works (mac) http://stuffthathapp…nicode-leopard/
once you’ve added unicode hex input select it in the top bar and then type alt+223F somewhere
i typed this -> ∿

on windows how
i can’t confirm it works atm

Here is a way to generate the sine char with normal keyboard, without having to copy/paste from this thread.


Could not resist.

EDIT: added a new version with over 250 new features! (Disclaimer: 248 of the new features might not be present)

2516 com.kmaki.Searchtoolkeybindssinechar_Rns270_V1.xrnx

2518 com.kmaki.Searchtoolkeybindssinechar_Rns270_V1.1.xrnx

hah! Can ya also bring focus to the text-area? ;)

Sure. That’s a great idea. Also made a self-close timer of 3 seconds. Welcome to the bleeding edge of tools! :ph34r:

See original post for the new, shiny version.

Not sure of the timer. But it would be nice to see a simple GUI script which focuses the keyboard cursor to a place. Could then use one shortcut to start the gui, then cmd-A to select and Cmd-C to copy, instead of focusing with mouse :)

Ahh so it does work, it’s just not a Tilde.

Can we change the symbol for the very similar looking tilde (~) which is in fact present on many keyboard layouts? That way it would be much easier to search for it. I had tried it in the past and obviously it didn’t work as it is in fact the wrong symbol.