[???] Possible to have a note column in master track

I pressed a combination of keys and then this happened:

There’s a track one that just became invis (ie very slim, on left side - there is no scrollbar).

I was in mastering so there was only one C-4 on track one, had patterns in various lengths for the sections, LPB=1 and highlight=4. One long sample with autoseek on. Some VSTs on master track.

Editing now acts very weird. It’ll act like I’m editing the FX column normally (wanted to put a ZT00 in a one line final pattern), but the orange cursor stays on the note column and/or flips out.

Will post bugged xrns without the sample.

Question is how you managed to add it. Any chance to find out more info about this?

Please upload or send usthe file if you want us to fix the song. Need to get rid of the column in the song.xml file.

I’m still really puzzled myself, haven’t tried to replicate it because I’m unsure about it. I guess I pressed the shortcut for “Insert Track Right” from “Get Your Tracks Right” tool (git) when I was on the master track or the last sequencer track.

Here’s the song, if it helps, but please don’t waste time to fix the song file. Just hope it can help to find a certain bug.

5243 0109-stbb391-mastering–.xrns