Possible To Implement Render-Path Memory?

I’m often going back and forth between different projects, located at different places on my drives,
which results in a lot of tree-clicking in the explorer/finder window each time I want to do a new render,
so just wanted to ask:

could it be possible to implement a function that makes Renoise save/remember the last path you used for rendering, individually for each xrns?
and - if somehow that location should be renamed or moved at a later time, I suggest Renoise should reset/step back to the nearest available parent, or root on nearest partition. Something like that.


I tried including the folder separator sign in the filename structure for the output file, but that currently isn’t allowed. Yet i think this would be the fastest solution that you could set a path for each song this way:

Through scripting the render features can be done with remembering the paths because you have to submit one, but there is no API call where you can obtain the filepath entered by the user.

I have requested this with other Rendering ideas before.