Possible To Map Midin Note X To Midi Note Y In Renoise?

hi lolz!

trying to hook up my http://www.alesis.com/performancepad to addictive drums (trying out the demo).

the performance pad has fixed midi notes for each pad (stupid!) so i have to remap the midinotes config in addictive drums which is possible but it’s kind impractical because i want to preserve the original layout. also, i have another midi controller which likewise is hardcoded so i can’t find one common layout that will work with both controllers.

is there a way to remap in renoise? my first thought was to midi learn each pad to the corresponding piano key in the instrument pane but it’s not midi learnable. then i tried to do something with keytracking tool but i couldn’t figure out how to get a note to send to the plug-in with the midi tool.

is there a way to do this?

thanks! (=

ok, i still haven’t found a renoise solution to this so i have resorted to midi yoke (or is it called midiox?)

got input from the pad going and the mapping but somehow i get stuck on the most basic of things: how do i get midi yoke to show up as a device in renoise?

anyone who can help out a noob here… or is there any other midi routing programme out there that you’d recommend over midi yoke (it sure does look dated!)

thanks! (:

(an aside: got a little excited when i realized i could easily remap the computer keyboard to work as a midi device but then i realized that there’s no way to disable the keyboard as “input device” in renoise)

Only other way within Renoise is using Lua scripting and then simply translate the midi note into another note and then send it to the pattern, or to the instrument through OSC. (You need to enable OSC server in Renoise then)

thanks vv! i don’t think i’ll muck about with that right now though.

seems like i didn’t get midox to work since i hadn’t installed midi yoke which it uses for a virtual midi out port. hopefully it will work better now!