Possible To Reverse Directions Of Midi Mapping With Mute Buttons?

I tried mapping the buttons of my BCR2000 to mute, works great. However, is there a way reverse the direction? Right now the light is on on my BCR when the channel is muted, which doesn’t seem logical to me.

I tried pulling the min/max sliders (had hoped reversing their default positions, would do the trick), but they are greyed out.

I have a BCR2000 as well.

If I have understood what you mean, you ar eexperiencing this because you have set the control when the led was already switched on.

try switching the light on when Renoise is not opened, then open Renoise and check it pressing the button mutes the track normally.

it’s awkward, I know, but how should Renoise guess if the starting button status is right or not?

I found that simply mapping by using learn mode and clicking on the mute button in renoise will map to the “toggle mute”, which is not ideal. It might leave the BCR in a state of some buttons pressed (light on) when exiting the song, and opening the next song will have those buttons work reversed compared to the ones that are not pressed (light off). To avoid this confusion I selected Track XX [Set] from the “available and active mappings” list.

I just tested it again, four tracks. Before the mapping the tracks 1 and 3 were pressed (light on) on the BCR. Tracks 1 and 2 were unmuted in renoise, track 3 and 4 were muted in renoise. This should give every possible combination of “before mapping state”.

And the mapping indeed works as I described.

The BCR is sending 127 when the button is lit, and 0 when the light is turned off. Renoise interprets this as “127 means press the button in renoise” and “0 means un-press the button in renoise”. This makes sense in a lot of cases, but in this case I’d like it the other way around.

It is a state assumed in way according to the “MIN” / “MAX” settings of the sliders in the MIDI mapping dialog.
What if you would reverse both the MIN / MAX slider, would this give you tyhe result that you need?

Min max only works with Track DSP parameters or track levels. I think right now the only thing you could try is configuring the Behringer Controller to reverse the output - if thats possible.

Perhaps min/max could be configured to always affect the input of messages and twist them the other way around.
Saves you from adding an invert switch.

Exactly my request!