Possible Us/israeli False Flag Attack

You base that on your comics you posted?

Anyway as i said, i dont see any point in arguing with you, i have better things to do. Let everybody think and decide for themselves…

So you deny it? Yes or No?


This is from zionist propaganda website called Wikipedia.
Sure those are all lies,LOL


Sorry but you have to stop this discussion. Renoise forums is not a place for such type of political debates.

Maybe you first read carefully that article you linked , from beginning to end and then post back?

You are right… i will not post anymore in this thread.

Let us continue our happy and pieceful lives with our blinders on, while we can.

You can post those propaganda links all you want, but the fact remains: Israel was attacked first and that was my point.

Suva, better tell that to your homie, its his hateful topic


A critical look at Iran’s true capabilities.

FYI Jews are the chosen people, so I think they should get some sort of pass on murder etc. :rolleyes:

http://www.youtube.c…h?v=9zBJWXESSpU theres propaganda on bothsides…

Multilateral unity is the only way forward. Hatred is transient, just as is the ego, let it go. We are better than letting ourselves be pawns for distorted thinking.