Possible Us/israeli False Flag Attack

You can spread the word, just in case it does happen.

USA and Israel may be planning false flag operation to be blamed on Iran and thus “justify” another war. 50 years old carrier USS Enterprise that is scheduled for decomission next year is sent to persian gulf http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/01/21/us-to-keep-11-aircraft-carriers-to-show-sea-power/

The carrier can be sunk there and blamed on Iran.

You can watch this clip also…


False flag operations have happened before… As i said, i hope this doesnt happen, but just in case it will, spread the word.

How would the US fund this war with large depths on their accounts? You can be nuts and totally nuts, but i don’t think they are utterly nuts.

Israel already has been sending motorcyclists in to plant magnetic IEDs and kill top Iranian scientists. Once their covert operations prove to not be able to keep up with Iran’s progress in their nuclear arms race (which definitely does exist) who knows what Israel will try.

The US on the other hand is not going to ever stop taunting Iran as long as they continue to work towards mass-producing nukes. It’s a mess, and the thousands of people who will likely lose their life over it in some way or another shouldn’t have to. It’s complicated because both sides are justifiably “right” in their motivation to defend themselves against something.

The fact that these weapons exist and are already stockpiled will just forever perpetuate this mess, though. This isn’t the first nor will it be the last taunt from the US, these are full on war-games.

who cares? Iran needs to be bombed anyways… they would bomb us if they could…

There is actually people from Iran on these boards. I am sure they will appreciate your suggestion to bomb their homeland based on your ignorance about the world politics and the region in question.

Multilateral deproliferation now.

praying for aliens to set us straight soonnnn.

And you know that how? How many wars have Iran started in the past couple of hundred years?? oh, righ… none. How many US/Israel?

In its brief existense, Israel have attacked all its neighbors.

Can you also show some dates?

of course:

So, in short, can you tell me when Israel attacked Syria or Jordan?

of course

not sure if you are serious or simply trolling

care to elaborate?


“Our basic objective will be the destruction of Israel. The Arab people want to fight.”
Gamel Abdel Nasser,
May 3oth 1967.

Ummm… what exactly are those comics supposed to acheive? :)

Do you really think that Iran (a country who has not attacked anybody in the past couple of hundred years) wants to destroy the World, attack USA with nukes etc? Or is it maybe just a scare tactics to keep people like you in check?


So, maybe you edit this as well?

You can post those propaganda links all you want, but the fact remains: Israel attacked first and that was my point.

Educate yourself

EDIT: Anyway… my point is not to start here some big argument. I just wanted to say that IF USS Enterprise will be sunk near Iran, then you will know that its fake and staged… Of course i hope that doesnt happen.

I’ll help you a little with facts :)

You can’t deny it?