Possible X001/X000 pattern command bug

Steps to recreate:

  1. Put an effect on a track

  2. Turn effect off

  3. Put a 1001 command in the middle of a pattern

  4. Put a 1000 somewhere after it

  5. Set the pattern to loop

  6. Press play

What I expected to happen: Effect stays off until the 1001 where it turns on, turns off at the 1000, stays off until it loops round to the 1001 again.

What actually happens: Effect stays off until the 1001 where it turns on, turns off at the 1000, then turns itself on again when it loops to line 00.

Not sure if this is a bug or intended behaviour that I’m just not understanding.

I think the logic goes something like this: first ever effect command on a track affects all the time before it, so when it jumps back to start; 1001 is the one affecting if it is the first ever command on that track.

For me this is useful if I for example add a reverb effect on a track more near the end of a song, and I want the reverb to be off before that point. So where I add reverb to be on, I add one pattern or some lines before that a off command, to make the reverb to be off in the beginning of the song.

Solution is to put desired on/off commands on the first line of pattern where u are jumping to. Or dont put commands in the tracks at all so switchin effects on/off wont change when jumping in time (this concerns more live playing situations)

hmmm, Now I understand that especially when looping live this is not always what you want, if u forgot to set commands on the first lines, or not at all.

Maybe U can share example .xrns file here to look at. So we can be sure ; D