Post Count Picture Game

So, boring day at work so let’s play a game.

Go to Google images. Search for your post count. Choose your favourite image from the first page and post it here.

yours is seriously, fucking awesome

I stole the game from another forum where I got this one. Wonder if anybody can explain it to me. Fairly good as each time you post you have a new post count, so new choice of images ;)

ANd my new image for this post.

/me can’t wait for 7pm to come and be able to leave work!



Tektronix 1735 - Flat, Lowpass and Charisma filtering ?

You haven’t done 145 posts since then have you?

I know the 1721, 1731 and 1781 all pretty well. Wonder what the difference between a 1731 and 1735 is… (1781 is pretty much a 1721 and 1731 in one unit, one’s a waveform monitor, one’s a vectorscope.)

oh my gawsshhhhhhh :wub:

599 is my “active posts” count (what’s that?)


here’s one for 631:

Many websites use automated CMS type software to publish images. These increment numbers to set unique ids, and those those are used for file names which are indexed by the search engine.