Post Instrument FX Global Instrument Volume Option

Currently the Global instrument volume is decribed as such -

Note that this changes all sample’s input volumes instead of levelling the output of all effect chains

Pre FX levelling changes the entire tone of any Instrument FX chains using distortion or gain dependent processing. Personally when adjusting the volume of an instrument I invariably want to do just that - adjust the volume - not the tone.

A global pre/post option in preferences/song options would be really handy to suit different workflows.

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A renoise instrument can be played in any track, so I’m not sure if a post-fx volume fader would be possible. Think about where that Global volume is in the DSP chain-- It’s way at the front, even before the instrument’s own modulation and effects. It’s basically the volume knob on a guitar.

The post-fx fader on tracks does exactly what you want, you just have to make sure you’re using one instrument per track. If you want to automate the volume post-fx, you can place a gainer effect at the end of the chain.

sorry - to clarify i mean post Instrument FX - not post Mixer FX

I see. Yeah, that makes more sense, and seems like it should be possible. I basically use the Post-FX fader on the instruments effects chain that way, but I kbow that isn’t really a “Master Volume” for the instrument if you have multiple FX chains.

I will often use sends to sum instrument fx chains to a final dynamics processing chain, using send amounts as post fx faders. a little more work, but then you can apply dynamics processing on all chains at the instrument level as the positive tradeoff…

niceone yeah that seems the best workaround atm

bit of a fiddly setup but it does the job!

i coded a custom keycommand for the Global Instrument volume so its extremely easy to adjust instrument levels - such a smooth workflow it seems a shame its not workable with some instruments