Potential Renoise Event in Brighton


I’ve been landed with running a night in Brighton in early November, was thinking about getting friends to Dj and play live - but then maybe we could turn it into a renoise night for one night only??

Its a small club with a loyal following, no pressure and good vibes!

Anyone want to play? If your based in Brighton or the south east send me a message with a link to your tunes!



Lol :slight_smile:

I’m based in Brighton. I use Renoise. I got tunes.

What’s the crack? Are involved with the OSC crew are you by any chance?

Hello! What’s going on here then ?

its not going to be a renoise night now, but you may still be able to play.

send me a link to your tunes or dm me for more details

So, how was the party?

Were there Renoisers involved?