Power/rock/heavy Metal Drum Sounds With Renoise?

I’d like to have some heavier drum samples (kicks, snares, toms, etc.) that “match” up with guitar/bass sounds used in metal music. Since I’ve actually been able to reproduce guitar sounds with my XV-5080 that can be considered useful, I’d like to get the drums up to the same level. Thus far I’ve been using sounds sampled from my various synths but they sound too tame for me.

Do you have any ideas whether there is some kind of sample bank floating around somewhere with sounds of “desirable” amount of punch or if there’s some other kind of passable answer?

maybe the widely used “Drumikit from hell” could fit your needs?

DFH has been produced with the support of Meshuggah’s drummer.

I was able to try the DFH2 and I grew total dislike for that user interface in record time. I decided to give up after 30 minutes without being able to get any kind of sufficiently heavy drum sound out from that software.

For the time being, I guess I’m better off sampling drum samples from my recently acquired Roland SRX-07 board. A small preview gave me an image that they’d actually have some promise in them. Still, I’d like you to point out some nasty drum samples for me!

an alternative to DFH is fxPansion BFD, which I assume means “big f****ing drumset.” I’ve used it before and it’s actually quite impressive, but I can’t even use it if I wanted to because I don’t have the HDD space for anything anymore :P

DFH is imho best choice for metal, kind of light version is available for great EZDrummer…

Native Instruments Studio Drums

And the winner is SRX-07 / SR-JV80-10 drums. You can depend on Roland/Spectrasonics…

I sampled all drum samples and gave them a try in 1.9b8. The result maybe wasn’t the most realistic but the samples combined with the beefed-up FX of 1.9 kicked a$$ as far as I’m concerned. :D On top of that, the set of 103 samples takes only 5 megabytes in 44kHz/16bit/mono/FLAC.