Power Surge

Hey guys nice to be back (now the the world cup is coming to an end and Brazil lost! :angry: )

help me figure out this one.

Last Saturday the power went out while I was producing (kinda crazy because it was off, then on, then off gain, on and finally off; in a matter of 2 seconds <_< ).

My keyboard, monitors and computer were on. I jumped up and turned off the monitors, the computer took care of itself, but I totally forgot about the keyboard.

It is an Evolution mk225c and this is what’s going on with my (maybe now damaged) keyboard now: I turn it on, the blue display lights up, I push some buttons and things change in the display like the octaves going up and down. It seems to be working fine, but when it’s time to play some notes or trigger samples I get nothing.

I know I’m doing things right because I have two MIDI controllers.

During the power surge only the keyboard was on. The controller that was off, works just fine.

So my question is: do midi controllers have fuses? Can they be replaced? Or is my old keyboard history?

And in case it’s damaged I’ll probably go for a Maudio Axiom.

Please let me know. Thanks


are you using external power and midi interface or your keybord is plugged into usb?

external power and a maudio 2X2 midi box sir.

is my baby dead? :(

hmm,i dunno. it would be very weird if its broken from power loss… its just midi keyboard. its not like there are some hard drives or something in it.

The interesting thing is that both controllers are connected to the 2x2 midi box.

Only the keyboard doesn’t respond, even tho it looks fine. so it’s not the box that is the problem, for sure.

I haven’t exhausted all options yet. I’ll try using it via USB and see what happens.

Actually theres a very good chance you’ve damaged some components…probably ICs if its being erratic like that.
Electronic equipment is most prone to failure at the moment of powering up, as this is where the large change of current occours…after the initial power on the current gets in a “flow” and can normally run indefinately provided there are no heat issues etc…
Turning something like that on and off by just the power inlet is very risky business…and by the sounds of things its not something you’ll be able to fix by just replacing a capacitor etc…

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, I’m sure this isnt what you wanted to hear…
I know I’ve fried an old amplifier from a similar power surge (on/off/on/off/etc)

here is an update. Something got damaged because it’s no working via midi connection.

but I hooked it up via USB… and it works.

The strangest thing. :blink:

let me know if there is any solution for that. If not, it’s cool. It still works via usb and it can still do what’s supposed to do. Good thing because the budget is tight right now.

but I did buy an UPS power backup.
( http://www.apcc.com/products/category.cfm?..m?id=13&subid=5 )

I’ve lost a mixer before and now I have a damaged keyboard due to power outages.

I’m very glad I didn’t loose my computer, or my studio monitors or my other midi controller (bitstream pro) as those are over $500

Now I feel I’m safe! :blink:

Don’t you use powerstrips with surge protectors built in? They’re a must for any setup in my opinion.

after losing that amp I’ve rigged up an industrial grade surge protector behind the entire setup, and then seperate protectors on each powerboard…

The industrial one has tripped out faster than the power boards have been able to register the faults every time we’ve had a surge though, so I think if you’re REALLY serious, go to a hardware store and get the stuff they use on building sites for high consumption power tools…they work better (used for saving lives rather than just equipment…)

do you guys have high voltage bursts from power outlets or something?? :unsure: that sucks… i usually just loose power if something happnes

I do. But looks like the keyboard didn’t like the power spikes anyways.

I got an UPS. I might be all set now.