Powered By Renoise

hopefully i ll release on some vynil soon. i wonder if someone ( the staff maybe) have a nice " renoise inside"- “powered by renoise” “Renoised shit”
logo i kan put on the vynil. just a little free ad.
i guess many of us had/ will have track released and it would be nice to be proud of our fave tracker also on the sleeve !


hell yeah :D

could you please remind me tomorrow about this ? best would be if you drop me a mail ( via this boards profile feature )


Would also be very nice to have a ‘Renoise’ backdrop for Windows’ desktop, too!


That’s an excellent idea!
But why limit it to vinyl-prints? :)

Hell, why aren’t there any RNS t-shirts? Or stickers? Dev team, maybe you could make a market of this!

I would gladly put one on my new record. Maybe the R in the rectangle logo and POWERED BY or something like that.

Damn, some things like that HAVE to be!

And btw, some banners to link Renoise.com woukld be cool. When I made my site I had to take one from ptrance’s site, there should be “artwork” section somewhere on renoise.com.

Great idea =)

somekind of “powered by a tracker” logo would be great indeed =)

Thanx dude, I got a vision because of your posting… I’m going to get myself a T-shirt that’s says “FT2” on the front =)

P.S. no disrespect to Renoise (I love it too). I’m just an old tracker guy who grew up composing on the bigbrothers of renoise.

Big brothers?