[PPC plugins] Destroy Fx Plugins.

Hey, I’m having trouble getting renoise to recognize these plugins. ( http://destroyfx.smartelectronix.com/ )

Anyone had them working? Am I being stupid?

I’m running on OSX Leopard.

Jim :)

Those aren’t universal binaries.

They will either) only work on a G5/G4 or) right click renoise and find the enable rosetta checkmark as described in this thread:


they will work on Leo only if u`ll start renoise app as PPC app. go to app folder, click right mouse button on renoise icon, choose GET INFO, and check “open using rosetta”.
so, now u r able to load all plugs which were built for ppc and so on.
yeah, this trick takes more cpu power, but its the only way to get this ppc plugs and apps working on Leo.


Thanks very much guys. Helped me out loads.

Do I loose anything running like this? (Other than higher CPU)

I think no. Only cpu cycles.