Vstfx & Vsti Ppc Plugins Solution On Intelmac

Some plugins build for ppc macs, wont load on modern intelmac machines, but there is a nice solution to make them work. I hope it`ll be useful.

I tried this only in renoise 1.9.1 & leopard 10.5.2.

Just find renoise app in app folder, click right button on rns app and choose get info.
See the box open using rosetta? Check this box and close info window.

Start renoise and rescan your VST folders.

Thats all.

Any comments are welcome.

Yes, it is.

Runs ok on c2d 2.2ghz.


I’m searching for this for such a long time!!!

This must be the most welcome post somebody has ever made for me :P:stuck_out_tongue:

thanx very very very much!!

good to hear somebody needs this too )