PR0T0TYPE - Celestial - CC Undefined Records [OUT NOW]

Hi Renoise friends!

EP out now on CC Undefined Records! Hope that ya’ll enjoy - this one was the most fun I’ve had making music in forever, and a huge component of that was going back to Renoise after many years away. Grats to folks here who have always openly shared their knowledge and insights - this thing wouldn’t exist without you. Happy Friday!


dope. congrats on the release!! :tada: psyched to give this a proper listen :metal: :fire::fire::fire:

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Man that West Coast Assasin and Hyperaggressive Microtransactions blew my socks off!!!Huge huge sound and crystal clear mixes.Respect!!!

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Thanks friend, hope you enjoy!!!

Cheers Stoix, thanks for listening/the positive feedback! :pray:

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