Prc168 - Kirby Canvas Curse (Ds)

The People’s Remix Competition 168

Hello everyone and welcome to the People’s Remix Competition!

After my first victory (by default) I decided to let the theme from PRC167 be X Hunter Stage from Mega Man X2. Two remixers came up with a song: OneUp and Showroom Dummy. With Showroom Dummy winning PRC167 he won the right to choose the theme for PRC168.

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PRC Classic of the two weeks
This time I picked a theme which almost was the theme of two PRC’s. Not so long ago Showroom Dummy wanted to chose Kirby Superstar Revenge of Metaknight as theme, but he forgot Moseph already selected this tune for PRC73. The results where as followed.

Winner: Hemophiliac: The Pink Blues
2nd: V_Gasm: Indian Karate
3rd: Gimgak: Crash Down by Sun Down

More information can be found at Doulifee’s Place.

This rounds source
This round, Showroom Dummy selected the source.

Kirby Canvas Curse (DS) - Silver Submarine

YouTube link

Fine Print:
PRC instructions

The winner of the previous contest can’t take part, but he/she can enter a Bonus Mix and she/he has a vote that counts twice.

The Remix deadline will be the second Monday after posting the round from now on

Doulifee’s PRC Archives! For information about the previous contests.

First song is up.