Pre-echo Effect

I’m currently mixing a new song where I want to use this pre-echo effect,
like in the beginning of Personal jesus - Depeche mode or like in firestarter - Prodigy.
And if I remember correctly it was also used in Tool - Die eier von Satan.

I experimented with reverb without source and do a volume rise.
but maybe there is another technique or maybe even a plugin to achieve this effect,
while it’s a wide-used one.

someone can clear things up for me?

I would use retrigger together with 9xx. It should be quite easy to achieve such an effect. A bit of reverb over the whole track would also help.

The effect is actually quite simple to achieve, but in my opinion it cannot be done in realtime well enough to get a really useful sound, so you must process your samples before you use them.

Take your vocal sample (or whatever it may be) and put a note into an empty track with the reverse command:

C-400 .. 0B00  

Now add a reverb effect to the track, mpReverb will work just fine. Give it a fairly short duration, something like 500ms - 1000ms. Set the send level to something quite high, around 40-50%.

Now use Renoise’s render-to-sample function to capture the results of this sample playing in reverse + reverb. Then you simply reverse THAT sample again to get back your normal speech + a creepy reversed reverb sound.

Hope this helps :)

the retrigger technique that It-Alien proposed would be usefull but dblue,
that reversed reverb effect is really what I wanted!
thank you very much!

PS: I will share the track as soon as it’s ready.

I always do that sort of thing in ‘post production’ in a wave editor.

i should that effect also some time, it’s really great