Hello everybody,

I realized the other day that when i was moving the faders on the mixer view, my sound were changing drastically…

After tweaking a little bit, I figured this was due to the fact that the faders in Renoise acts as Pre-Faders by default (I hope I’m clear and don’t misuse any term).
So when I decrease the volume for example, it decrease the input in the chain fx and compressors, for instance, change their behaviour.

Is this possible to make the faders acting as post-faders, i.e. change the volume after the signal was being processed by all the fx chain ?

As well, I would like to keep per-track clipping, coz when i started to compose, I let all knobs at 0db on the mixer and adjust my volume with instr/sample volume + DSP/VST gains and sometiems a gainer DSP to adjust final volume.

Now I want to mix, so some tracks has to be set louder and other quieter as they were before, but when I put the fader down, then the track clipping disappear and I loose the nice artifacts I got before… Same for a quiet sound, I push the fader up and if it happens to clip some unwanted artifacts arise, so I have to limit/soft clip :(

So maybe I ask for something heretical, but while reading an old article about Cubase I learn that this thing was already possible (for sends).

Any help would be appreciated, thanks already ;)

Trackvolpan device gives a control of volume before processing and mixer strip fader gives you control of volume after the processing without loosing anything. If you wish to automate the volume after processing you can add a gainer effect at the end of the bus and use it as a post-fader controler.

Thanks for your answer.

mmmh why do I loose the per-track clipping when I slow down the strip faders then ?

I feel I’m missing something… With all the others DAW i tried, it was reacting not the same way, or maybe I become crazy and don’t sleep enough :P

For now I already use the gainer as a post-fader, and sometimes automating it… But I don’t feel like the mixer faders act as post… I feel like they act as pre…
Maybe my ears are distroyed… I’ll investigate this more when I’ll be back home tonight.

On the right-hand side of the mixer, there’s a PRE or POST fader switch. You can toggle this to determine which state the big faders are controlling…

yeah thanks, this was what I was looking for, now I just have to test to see if i’m right.

Thks for the tip anyway ;)

It seems to be that, I saw the button, thank you again ;)
I’ll check the audio result later (I have no sound here :P ).

Finally this was a little bit what I needed but my setup didn’t allowed me to use it.

Coz I have sends everywhere. So the post-fader didn’t helped, I would need a send device that act post-post-fader ^^

So I had to change all the sends gains to achieve what I needed, quite boring, but the only way to preserve per-track clipping for now with my setup…

Thanks all for help.