Pre-hear Samples In Instrument Table?

Am I’m going mad? I thought it was possible to pre-hear a sample when clickin it in the yellow area like you can pre-hear samples in the red area?

So when I click a sample in the yellow area… I can hear it immediately on the master / chosen track?

Did I just imagined this?

Thanks in advance…

just hit a note…

Little more background info:
In the past the instrument had a prehear option in the instrument list. It could be turned on with a mouseclick and with a shortcut key.
The option has been removed and just for a little while the shortcut key still worked regardless of the missing icon.

But anyway, prehear for the instrument section is not necessary, like Mat-weasel pointed out:just press any of your keys on your keyboard in the pattern editor and you will just hear the audio play.