Pre-release Track For Critique

I’d really welcome feedback on this track if you have time, particularly regarding anything that sticks out too much or just sounds wrong. Thanks :)

Zip file (3.6 mb)

Hey Harmony :)

I’ve been listening to your tune with a lot of interest. First commendations are the warmth and the atmosphere. It’s easy to listen to. You haven’t tried to bite off more than you can chew. The mixing and some of the note choices have made it a bit bottom heavy in places, but don’t focus on that right now. The percussion may be a little soft too (it might need compressing), but that’s a very personal thing.

Probably my biggest concern is the period between 24 and 60 seconds where it appears you are wandering lost, and the material is weak compared to the rest of the piece. I believe you should completely cut out the patterns between 24-60 seconds, and use that material at the end (if you really want to, I’d personally nuke it). Exposing that idea just after the intro is really not a good time! It’s like losing your erection during foreplay. It’s about as appropriate, as, my last comment :P. The section at 1:12 should definitely be sooner.

Some more food for thought. Try experimenting with textures by transposing your strings up an octave in places. Obviously don’t be random about it. Use it in strategic places where you want to fortify your structure a little more. The warm sound you’ve created by using the lower registers is a strength of this piece; however the impact is weakened because you haven’t experimented with other registers. It’s warm from beginning to end, therefore less warm because there’s no contrast.

Another thing, be mindful of the amount of sustain you are using. The legato is nice, but there’s a little ‘bleeding’ in some areas. The sound from the last chord is bleeding into the next pattern all the time. It diminishes the harmonic effect very slightly; it’s a bit messy, especially when your strings are so low to begin with! It’s only subtle, and it doesn’t mean you should cut it out completely. Just be aware of why it sounds good, and when it sounds bad.

Overall, good work Harm. Looking forward to the end product. Call me on my mobile or at home if you wanna talk to me about it more.

Thanks Mick :D Great points all! Hehe I particularly agree that the drums are too soft, I cut them down after Ror complained that were way too high-end, but I’ve probably cut back too much. I will have a play with it and get back to you.

Hi Harmony, didn’t know you were using ReNoise. I have enjoyed some of your tracks in the past, then I’ve quite lost traces of your new music; I have “Alice” and “Finnglas of the Horses” in my playlist :)

to add something to what Mick suggested:

  • the filter clips at 0’22", but I’m sure you already know it
  • I believe that the mix is too rich in the medium frequencies, while lacks a bit of highs and a lot of basses; compressing the beats will surely help, but equalization also should be made; the piano also suffers a lot of this in its sound
  • I’m not that negative about the beginning; maybe you should enrich it a bit, but I would not delete it completely.
  • Instead of fading out everything in the end, I would retain the synth volume level; also, I would change it to a more sine-pulse sound in this ending (basically this could be done by removing the filter from the synth completely), making it more gentle and intimate

Thank you It-Alien :) I’ve fixed up that clip and done a fair bit of equalising which I hope will help with the frequencies. I’ve finally finished this track (after moving interstate and doing a complete PC upgrade phew).

There’s a few things about it I’m not 100% happy with but in the end I thought it would be better to just get it out there than risk dehumanising it due to over-listening. Continued feedback is always very welcome.

Cold Sun Mp3 (4.40 Mb)

this second version now sounds so much better.

bringing the beats a little more forward in the mix was a good improvement ;)

nice warm sounds, harmonic chords great stuff man. though it’s a little short imo, i feel like there so much to add and to build, you can easily fill 6 minutes

Thanks Kcirr3d :) Yeah I thought that too about the length, I think I will give it some time to become objective about it again and then I’ll try add some more. Thanks heaps for the feedback!

Cool tune Harmony. :walkman:

Thanks Hycs :) Hehehe that is the cutest icon, what’s the pic from?

It’s from Labyrinth. I can’t really remember if it had a name or not, but it’s a weird little english creature she meets just before entering the fantasy world. It’s cute, but kind of annoying, so it’s pretty reminiscent of me. :lol:

Ah that’s where I’ve seen it, I knew that little creature looked familiar!! :) Thats the worm she meets who’s really unhelpful helping her find the door into the Labyrinth isn’t it? Love that movie.

Hehe yeah, it’s that grumpy little worm. :D
I’ve seen a few of the fantasy classics, but nothing quite like the Labyrinth. There’s a scene where the camera is tracking her as she runs, and it has the coolest music ever.