Pre-roll with metronome ?

Title says pretty much all I’m searching for.

I’ve searched my arse off and couldn’t find such a option? Does it even exist ?

If it does please let me know how, Pre-roll increases my ability to compose by 2x and I’m having a bad time for not having it :D/>

like this?

Not sure if it works in renoise 2.8 though?

Yeah, just like that. Renoise doesn’t have one inbuilt ? meh :(

I’m confused? What is Preferences → Audio → Metronome & Precount → Precount ?

Nice one Esa, didn’t know there was a native option.

Oh jeez, i feel stupid now :D

Thanks anyways.

I always have that on, it’s both a blessing and a curse at times that it stays on if metronome is off.