Precise Selection

Kinda bugs me that I can’t select and edit note / volume / panning columns exclusively. Is there any reason for why it isn’t possible, or is it?


In the pattern editor or in the advanced edit menu?

In the last case:try right mouseclick upon one of the checkbox options.

But in the pattern editor:no you cannot really do this. The advanced edit menu gives you the opportunity to filter upon these columns and with the above given suggestion you can quickly select or filter the only desired area to be affected, but the selected area unfortunately covers either the note-column and the related columns or the effect columns.

In the pattern editor, and I know about advanced edit. What I described is possible in Modplug Tracker (and many others, I’m sure), so why not in renoise?

Thanks, btw. :slight_smile:

i’ve been thinking about htis a bit. i think that it would make more sense for the Alt+ selection system to select by column rather than track. so that if i wanted to i coul highlight a row of effect data without having to fumble for the mouse. have i mentioned i hate mice?