precision automation

hey i just found this out: right click any slider to set a value in the currently selected fx column! very happy with this feature :slight_smile:

Indeed. Note that there is also a switch to control whether it will record into automation envelope or pattern data.

7364 recordswitch.png

A question on this topic:

What I don’t like about pattern data “automation” is that any changes are delayed one tick (?). Is this also true for automation points?

Pattern data automation is not exactly precision. It will be rounded to nearest integer step on the value scale in the range of 0…255. So the value the pattern triggers, and the one one the slider you programmed with right click…might be a tiny bit different, enough to i.e. badly detune a filter resonance.

The graphical automation allows pretty exact value reading and programming. And in any text input tool for a value (you have for each graph/value, and also for the slider values of each effect) you can actually enter more decimals than are displayed, and this value will be preserved within reasonable accuracy.

Didn’t notice the latency of one tick yet, would have to investigate that. I seldom use pattern automation though. Mostly graph, and in critical stuff like pitch bend curves it seems direct on spot enough for my taste… Maybe you were experiencing some paramter smoothing, some effects do that, like the gainer, else you would have clicks/zippernoise when you automate them…