Preferences File Path

I carry Renoise around on a USB stick and most of my VSTs and songs and samples with it.
I like to listen my songs on a wide array of sound setups and tweak, cause I have no proper monitors.
Currently Renoise keeps the prefs file somewhere in the system setting, and so I have to set all prefs again every time I start it on a different computer.
Here’s an idea:
Would it be possible for Renoise to check for prefs file in two locations, one of them being in Renoise dir, and then if there is no file there, it loads the one from the system path? I think this is the simplest method and it would not change a thing for people who don’t want to carry it around, and those who do could have it 100% portable!

Hmm? Huh? Well? Huh? :dribble: