"Prehear" optionally saved in .xrns file

You get to pick a ± 5 sec piece of the song that can be saved (as wav, mp3, whatevs?) into the xrns like thumbnails are saved for photoshop files.

Already possible. Just render a portion of the song to sample, then place the sample at the top of the sample/instrument list in Renoise, then save the .xrns, then press the [>] on the song in the Disk Browser and then pre-listen to the sample. That’s how I’ve done it for years.

But I guess you mean this should be automatic behaviour from Renoise? If so, then how should Renoise decide what is representative 5 seconds of the song? It’s better to make that selection manually IMO.

Never looked at Renoise that way, but always nice to learn a couple of tricks that would not even cross my mind…

This is a really good idea. Thanks.