Premature Baby's First Steps

Pass it on. :)

Look at her go!

Our youngest is still caterpillaring her way around… Not long until she starts rummaging around cupboards. :)

I salute you, more than one child man. May there be many happy days for you and your family. :)

We’re not going to push our luck. Having a preemie is a nightmare. We came out relatively unscathed, and we can look back now, but I wouldn’t wish the experience on anyone. We’re going to stop at one.

I made this video because when I was at home, crying, looking at mangled babies on YouTube trying to understand what was going on with our daughter in the NICU, it would have been nice to see something like this. Like, oh, maybe this will work out.

Fingers crossed. Good times.

I actully experienced this first hand as well. It was with my first child who’s now 8. The part I hated the most was not getting the contact that the baby needs, As humans we need to be cuddled and held or we would actully die, and if we didn’t even though we wouldnt remember the neglect it would tramitize us and only set us up for certain trouble in the future… Actully I was watching this video where they touched quite deep on this issue… at least I think it’s this… Yeah im pretty sure. It’s a verrrrry interesting watch none the less.

Back on topic though man, I’m happy it’s going better for you. She looks really happy!

Keep on pressin’ bud =)

I salute myself. It’s three daughters so far, and I’ve given a ‘seriously, this IS the last one’ ultimatum. :D

Thumbs up, that’s a positive idea! On a side note, I’ve got some idea of what you’ve gone through, because my wife is a nurse at the local natal intensive care unit. From what I’ve heard, it’s a place of very extreme emotions and situations. I couldn’t work there, that’s for sure… It’d be just too much to bear. So glad your daughter fought it through.


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