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Lua related

  1. – crash course to Lua
  2. – Lua for beginners
  3. – Renoise Lua Scripting dev mini-site – OP rhowaldt
  4. – wiki: top level directory of all Lua content, grouped by topic – OP kazakore
  5. – some general Lua and Lua in Renoise tips


  1. – a library of educational videos
  2. – YouTube playlist: Programming Methodology (Stanford University)
  3. – “Harvard Computer Science 50” – OP 00.1

nice. would also make sense to add to the list, right?

Or maybe the main site home from that, although that seems most useful page at a glance…

this site is mentioned in the documentation and in this post:

Added a link to the first post (under General) as well as this post. This post gives credit to the Amazon reviewer where link was found…

Amazon review of Absolute Beginner’s Guide to C (2nd Edition) by Author Greg Perry.

Thanks very usefull.

Just started with this scripting and last days it was a serious struggle.
These links did a great job getting me on track.