Preset Browsers: default to Closed Folders

I’m referring to the browsers for Instruments, Samples, etc – e.g. the ones at the top of the instrument page, not their relatives in the regular Browser.

My issue here is that these windows are small, and when you have a lot of content / folders, you end up having to either close them every time, or just do a ton of scrolling, to find the thing you are looking for.

If the default state of folders was simply “Closed”, you’d get a quick overview of everything in there, and then open the one you want to hunt in… but as is, I just get a big list of open folders and the content folders inside them, etc…and so, all this scrolling / closing is necessary, every single time I open the browser!

This mainly applies to the Instrument browser, but is relevant to the related Sample / Modulation set Etc browsers located with each respective tab in the instrument view.