Preset Change Automation

is it possible to change presets of vst effects on the fly? not automating every parameter by hand, but loading a preset instead of that? or should i have multiple fx instances and turn it on and off? maybe there are some other cool tricks for that?

The last thing is possible, you can save VST parameter settings as a preset itself, but changing multiple parameters at the same time during songplay has to be done using either automation or using effect commands.

It is easier to copy different bunches of pattern effect commands and paste them in a text editor and pick different sets than doing the same thing with automation parameters.
The only problem with pattern effect commands is you can only control the first 15 VST parameters with it of which you can’t change the order.

good idea. thanks for reply!

For VST effects there is one awkward trick which is not even worth to be called workaround:
Insert a VST FX into a track, then create a VST FX alias in the instrument section to point to this FX. Now you can send MIDI to the FX via pattern commands -> Program changes. Most FX will change their presets when receiving program changes, but unfortunately not all will do so…

More details:

Sending MIDI to FX - creating a FX alias instrument:

Send custom MIDI commands to a VST Instrument:

taktik: wow, that is really cool notice. i never did such things before, will surely keep this possibility in mind. unfortunately, the vst fx i needed is not supporting this feature, but learning new opportunities is always good. thank you.