Preset Settings deleted after new start

Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon / Ardour

the preset settings in the right browser (Instruments) don’t save the setting. After closing Ardour and re-open, the settings are empty. That worked in the past - 2 buttons have saved a path, i had set. Redux brings a message, when i save, that the setting is saved - but unfortunately only as long i work in this project. Closing and reload and the setting as away.

My be a config file that has to be reseted to let work Redux again…?


Ardour is the host for Redux and it seems the Redux settings are lost the next time Ardour + Redux is opened

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Do you think, that the error comes from Ardour? This type of seeting should saved in Redux independent of a project. hmmm…

Check if it works in Reaper. If so, use Reaper :rofl:


The reason was reall in Ardour - now it works again.