open up your Renoise and find the differences.

Saving screen presets that way allow you perhaps more layout presets, but i think only the first 8 shall be allowed a keyboard shortcut.
More song and envelope presets are a welcome +1

i can understand that, and i must admit i am not a very keyboard-centric user so hadn’t considered the shortcuts. i would be happy if only the first 8 would be allowed by shortcuts.
honestly i just looked through Renoise for places where presets are stored in ‘the old-fashioned way’, and replaced them with the other method to simply allow unlimited presets.

i just cannot believe me and vV are the only ones thinking this idea is good. :)

Ah, clever. At first I thought you just slapped the preset box on random places, but now I see. Layout presets and filesystem presets already exist as buttons, but the preset menu can store as many as you want, and can be named. Not to mention envelopes do not have presets yet.

Very good!

thank you kind sir! :)