Presonus Faderport 16 support

Hi guys. I’m looking to upgrade my current setup and I’m liking the idea of bidirectional control using the faderport. I can see that there is a tool for using the single faderport but does anyone know if I could use the faderport 16? I’m
wanting to use it to control faders in the Renoise mixer window and transport controls. Sorry if it sounds simplistic (I am a simpleton) but could I Mirror the mixer faders and then save the mix so that when I re open the renoise song the faders in the fader port will jump to the previous settings? Basically recall of the fader settings? I hate using the mouse to mix and would love to be able to control the mixer levels my hand.


Sorry, I forgot to mention I’m willing to look at other alternatives to the faderport 16. Just in case any of you guys are working with a similar set up whereby you have recall over mixer levels/settings etc. From my (very) brief understanding its fairly easy to get a controller to control the mixer faders but the issue is getting renoise to tell the controller the position of the faders on opening a song, hence why I’m looking at motorised fader controllers. The other option would be to render individual tracks then load them up into another DAW which will work bidirectionally with the faderport but I’d rather stay with renoise as I know it and love it.