Pressing 'stop' Twice Rewinds To Song Start

With that said, I find it a lot more convenient to just tap the [enter] button to the tempo you want it to play at. Just consider it practice for the big game. :dribble:

Didn’t notice that ‘feature’ myself until now!
+1 for the visual aid idea…

Hows about a ‘play song from start’ function too? Or am I being daft and missing something?

Hmm, how about making lshift or lctrl modifying the start and stop buttons to do all this?

I think that might interfere with the regular work flow. I use my left ctrl and shift keys a lot during tracking.

Unless you were talking about using lctrl+space and lshift+space. That might be a pretty good idea then. Setting it up that just the ctrl or shift would do stuff, would make me cry I think.

I ment that when you have lctrl or lshift held down and press the stop button on the interface, then it does the alternate beahviour. lshift+space is already bound to “play from position” or something. lctrl+space could possibly be “play from beginning” ?

It’s surprising to notice there isn’t a shortcut for this - but definitely LCtrl & Space if anything

+1 from me :)