Pressing 'stop' Twice Rewinds To Song Start

I’m pretty sure this isn’t a bug but a feature, but nobody at the #renoise channel knew how to switch this thing off. I tried looking at the preferences and find the right item, but no luck.

What I do: I press the ‘stop’ button twice. Why would I do such, well I’m a composer with several silly maneuvers and pressing things twice is one of those. And somehow I remember that pressing ‘stop’ twice would take you to the beginning of the current pattern. At least that’s how I’d like it.

What happens: pressing the ‘stop’ button twice takes me all the way to the beginning of the current song. This is very irritating for someone like me, so I just want to know if it’s possible to turn this feature off somehow?

Thats, as you already feared, a feature. The question is why you press stop twice? If you use Space to play/stop this will never happen.

It’s very hard for me to get rid of my old composing fixations, so I was kind of hoping this feature was somehow changeable in the preferences. I take it it’s not then?

Well, if thats just causing headaches, I see no reason to keep the feature. We’ll simply disable it for the next release. You are not the first and not the last one who has problems with this…
That feature is not critical/important enough to make it optional.

maybe changing the “square” icon to a “<<” icon when the playing is off could work as a visual help?

Just keep the feature, cause if you remove it, you’ll have a bunch of people complaining about it being gone.

dfast, I don’t think it’ll be that hard to switch over to using the spacebar. Sure at first you’ll feel weird using it, but then again I’m sure you felt weird at first using a vertical tracker instead of a horizontal DAW.

Every change will cause complaining, pressing stop twice can also be done unpurposely, i would say good riddens.
To go to the start of the song: CTRL+ HOME
The rest is just RTFM & CYFH (Change your F***** Habit).

Simply shouldn’t we add ‘|<<’ button?
I’m using the function often because it’s easy and convenient, though I know ctrl+home.
IMO, there are not so important buttons on Renoise’s transport panel.
For example ‘wrap around pattern edges’ button, maybe OK to move it to preferences?
Or, can’t expand width of the transport panel about 20pixel for ‘|<<’ button?

+1 IT Alien

gotta keep the stop button.

course, but what IT is saying is, dont remove the functions, but simply make it that when its not playing, the stop button looks like << as a visual aid for those who arnt used to the double-click-to-the-beginning function.


+1 :dribble:

surely…you cant be se… :blink:

Ah, he said that he can live with returning the beginning of the current pattern, doesn’t he?
Since it will return to the beginning of the song accidentally, some people will be confused?

if we hit stop-button 1 time while playing, then stop ofcourse.
if we hit it once again, return to the begining of the current pattern.
if we hit it once again further, return to the song begining.
REASON is behaving like this. How about?

Naha, if it will be so, I will give up ;)
but I really don’t want to miss this function.

Oh… we’re serious. ;)

Don’t remove it just because one request, he’ll get used to it. Rather improve it as suggested.

This seems to me the best solution.

Haha, quote of the millenium.

and get rid of the annoying play button as well when you’re at it :yeah: