Pressure Sensitive Mechanical Keyboard?

hey y’all,

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get something like this (link below) pressure sensitive gaming keyboard to integrate with Renoise? I’m a bit new to Renoise but this feels like a big deal to me (if possible) for minimalism sake + music making enjoyment. Maybe this is already discussed here but wasn’t able to find a topic.

I recently thought about same thing…
Seems that tracking on raspberry pi 4 + velocity sensitivy mechanical keyboards would be a great all-in-one combo.


yea that combo would be the ultimate for me! now for a minimalist screen pairing.
do you know if this particular keyboard would be hard to sync up with renoise? like would
you then have polyphonic pressure sensitivity out of the box? guess i just need to read about
the program that comes with it.

The keyboard needs a driver that would output the correct midi data.

Maybe they are too gamer centric to make one, and somebody else has to

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It would be EPIC for us trackers that’s for sure! but I don’t think it is a standard and therefore not a straight forward task. I’d get a Wooting keyboard had it worked with velocity.


i dream of keyboard + pi in same keyboard housing
just connect to display and make music :slight_smile:

i prefer

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The keyboard sends analog gamepad inputs identical to joysticks found on XBox controllers and such. It would be possible to write a wrapper that translates those into midi messages (or create a pure data patch that does it) but I wouldn’t expect Razor to release official support for this.

Contrary to velocity sensitive keys these measure how far you press the keys down and send values continuously which is more similar to MPE keys like the Roli board and this might not translate that well to tracking single hits. That being said it would be interesting to try and hopefully someday a simply velocity sensitive mechanical keyboard will be released as well.

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