Prevent recording transport operations while recording


How can I prevent some controller-based operations from being recorded into Renoise while playing live?

I’m playing around with a KORK NanoKONTROL2, have loaded up NI Battery, and want to record notes and automation on the instrument itself (when an appropriate configuration is selected), but not any track volume or transport operations from the controller itself. It adds too much noise. Thought I saw a post related to this earlier, but can’t find it searching the forum now.

Really hoping this is possible, finding a good controller/Renoise combination is challenging/time-consuming enough already.



want to record notes and automation on the instrument itself (when an appropriate configuration is selected), but not any track volume or transport operations from the controller itself

By default, Renoise will record controller information into the pattern (“add noise”), unless you have the specific message mapped to some parameter.

So I guess you have it playing an instrument, but the volume/transport messages arrive as (unmapped) CC messages?

These unwanted message you can easily filter out through the appropriate options in Preferences > MIDI.

It’s not a super-detailed MIDI filter by any means, but should be enough for this particular purpose?

Thanks danoise.

It looks like deselecting the option ‘Pitchbend & Controllers’ makes it so the transport and other midi controls of the KORG nanoKONTROL 2 are no longer captured in the track while recording, but that also removes all other controller data at the same time, e.g., any knobs for cutoff and resonance of any plugins also stop working when this is deselected.

It looks like it may be possible to filter an entire controller if I can figure out what value the ‘Ignore specific controllers’ uses to do that, but that also means that any multi-function controller (anything with midi-based transport along with knobs, faders, buttons) is caught in the cross fire, unless both the controller has multiple midi-controller representations for grouped functionality and each one of those has a different identification value that can be put in the ‘Ignore specific controllers’ field…which may be the case for some controllers, but is not for my EMU X-board (when mapping buttons to transport behavior).

Hrm. I know people are making some things work for them, but it’s proving incredibly difficult to find a portable controller or two that is good at both [transport & track & instrument creation/switching] and [creative exploration] at the same time. I need to be able engage each instrument enough to switch presets, quickly midi-learn controls, be exploratory, etc. while simultaneously having complete control over my DAWs transport and track/instrument mapping. Renoise doesn’t seem to handle the latter well unless notes from a given instrument have already been entered into a track, which means I have to go back to my mouse and keyboard each time, something I’m greatly trying to avoid.

I welcome any thoughts on this. It might be I’m just growing outside of what Renoise will really support for both these workflows, which is okay…I’ve just been trying to hold onto it as it’s been my go-to since version 1.2. Of late though, I’ve needed side-chain support through vst3, video integration or at least smpte support for film scoring, solid controller integration for looping multiple different length patterns, and more. Some of these things I’ve been able to solve, but I need to be able to spend more time writing music, and lately I’ve been spending most of it trying to get these things working.