Preventing "Note Off" Via Midi

Hi there

Is there any way I can prevent the note off signal being sent via MIDI? I think it’s getting sent automatically when another note is played on the same instrument.


If you’re talking about when you’re playing notes via a MIDI keyboard, then look at Preferences > MIDI > Record & Play Filter:

If you’re talking about sample-based instruments, where the notes in your pattern are cutting off previous notes, then look at the NNA (New Note Action) setting in Instrument Settings > Sample Properties:

If you’re talking about VSTi instruments, where the notes in your pattern are cutting off previous notes, then the sample-based NNA stuff does not apply here. To get around any quirky note-off behaviour in the VSTi itself, you may have to get creative with your patterns and use multiple note columns:

For example, you may have to try something like this:

00 C-401 -----  
01 ----- -----  
02 ----- D#401  
03 OFF-- -----  
04 ----- -----  
05 ----- OFF--  
06 ----- -----  

For VSTi instruments that support portamento/glide, you may have to arrange your notes this way so they overlap, in order to get the glide to play correctly.

if you are using VST or MIDI instrument, you could switch sustain on using MIDI CC #64

I’m controlling a x0xb0x via MIDI and trying to get it to slide from one note to the other. I’ve read that this is achievable by not sending the “note off” signal before sending the next note…

I’ll try the multiple columns, that sounds like it might work :)


yes, in this case the multicolumn solution is the way to go

It worked great, thanks!

Now I just need to figure out why using it via MIDI has somehow broken my decay, lol

Hoping someone on the adafruit forums will be able to answer that one.

Just in case anyone has this same problem, I figured out why decay wasn’t working… if a note is accented on the x0x, it doesn’t decay. All my notes were coming through accented. To fix this in Renoise, you need to modify the volume column (06 is non accented).

Aha, so this was a layer issue.