Preview New Track

been a long time since i posted a preview, trying to improve my style & sounds around, i’d like to tell me what you guys think about this one :).


thx ;)

pure renoise & vst of course.


Really sweet, listening to it again.

Uhm, I like how you’ve managed to make it both funky and “thumpy” at the same time. What I also like very much is the bass.

But the bassline at the start is very similar to the “highest state of consciousness” one, which immediately gave it a “top-ten”-feel, if you know what I mean. But as things progressed and other instruments came in, that didn’t matter anymore :)

Really like this.

What it does lack though, I think, is a main synth, like a main melody that you can remember. This melody seems made up of alot of small discreet sounds and melodies that you can’t really whistle while in the shower, if you know wat I mean.

Think it maybe needs a strong hard synth or something that cuts through all the other instruments.

But that might ruin the whole ambient athmosphere you build up in the song. I’m not sure what “type” of music you’re after here.

But then again what do I know :)

Really nice melody, sun

Can’t wait for the final result :)

PS: Any vsti’s at all?

thx a lot for taking the time to reply :), yeh indeed i was thinking about scratching that mellow melody and put something that imprints more easily in the mind :huh:.

as for the VSTs used :
Bassline, Stylus, FM7, z3ta+/z3ta+ virus2, korg legacycell, trilogy, absynth2.

it starts eating my cpu in the end i admit, hopefully render is not impacted by that :P

you might wanna listen again, always at the same url, it has evolved quite a bit since yesterday :rolleyes:

must think about an easier to remember melody…

I didn’t mean that you have to make a commercial-song, or top ten or whatever :P what I meant was that it lacks a main-melody… if it’s easy to remember or not isn’t that important though :)

hehe :), just added some “heavy” synth, much more punchy now, woooohoo :drummer: