Preview Row / Notes Under Cursor As You Edit ?

from my fasttracker days I seem to (and I might be remembering incorrectly!) that there was the ability to ‘preview’ the current edit row as you were working in the pattern…

in that… as the curser advanced to the next row in the pattern fasttracker would play all notes/instruments on that specific row in the pattern

Is this possible in Renoise? (assuming I’ve explained it well enough for someone to understand what I’m on about!!!) I used to use it a lot, and would love to use it in renoise, but for the life of me i cant find it in the manual or, think of what to search the manual/forums for … ;)

yeah, press return key.

yeah thanks the IRC chat guys pointed me to using Return as well… but… that only triggers the row when you press it… (although useful)… i was wondering if the same can be done as you move up and down with the cursor keys etc… so basically triggering the same as ‘return’ would as you move up and down with cursor keys…

Don’t think so? One for the scripters to take up :)

well this is kind of what happens when you use up and down keys while playing :D but honestly, why would you want this?
I almost never use the enter key function, because normally in a lot of songs, at the same line of a kickdrum a synth sound will start that just doesn’t stop without a OFF signal… So when you use the enter key you hear the drumsounds correctly but the synth or sth else looped will not stop…
I do use the ‘Block Loop’ function a lot!

Impossible as of now, scripts don’t have access to note playing
WAIT! I got an idea! it’s very possible actually! only, it’ll be a hack still, constantly switching the ‘player follow’ option on and off… hmm.

Still, before I go volunteer I wanna hear “why” from that guy. :P

With OSC they have… i suspect your idea regards that?
the only but would be also having to control the effect parameters manually and not being able to apply effect column effects.

That’s why I thought about just simply having renoise play for one line (follow = off), then if one line is played, immediately stop and launch note off on every track. Of course, panic instead of stop would be an option but delay / reverb trails etc are then discarded.

still… why ??

Thanks for all the answers… in answer to ‘why?’:

basically its the way i used to work in Fasttracker, I liked it (even with the previously noted downsides of mid instruments and being mid note play), and purely wondered if the same was possible in Renoise