Preview Sample From Sample List Within Instrument Settings

title and description give a pretty good pithy description…

But to elaborate, when setting up custom xrnis I like to scroll down the list of samples and play them as opposed to just looking at their waveforms. In order to do this my method has been to set focus to the sample list in instrument settings, then hit “enter” (or “return” if on mac), the problem is that once you trigger playback you loose focus off the sample list and can no longer arrow through your samples.

Is there a less cumbersome way to do this? I thought maybe a little speaker next to the sample list would do the trick, as a “preview toggle” but I know that’ be using precious blank UI space…

Maybe if you have preview sample enabled in the disk browser it also is enabled in the sample browser??

{Shift}+{+} and {Shift}+{-} to cycle through the sample list (Shift+Alt+Up/Down if you don’t have a NumPad), then you don’t need to be putting focus in that box. Still need to hit Enter to hear it though. Enter from Sample List does more than just set focus, it opens the Sample Editor window if you have another in view in the main pane.

Great. Thank you Kaz. This works for me!